I recently came across this video for The Dollar Shave Club, a company attempting to disrupt the high-end razor market. The video is catchy, and the idea behind it is great. too. The Dollar Shave Club came about when two guys realized they were sick of spending $15-$20 every time they needed to razors, so they decided to make high quality razors that they would sell for cheap ($1/month, $6/month, or $9/month). Another company that has had recent success disrupting a larger market is Warby Parker, an eyeglass company that attempts to compete with other boutique-quality eyewear companies (their glasses retail at $95/pair). Both of these ideas are great, but the Warby Parker example stands out because not only offers cheap, chic glasses, but it also partners with Visionspring.org to give one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair they sell. This one-for-one model is a larger trend that what pioneered by Tom’s Shoes, TwoDegrees Food, and L. (a condom company).

-Michelle Rosin (socialnetworkingwomen.org)

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