Rebekah Cox of on Women in Tech

Rebekah Cox, head designer at QuoraRebekah Cox, head desinger at, explains what it’s like to be a women in the Tech Industry in thisĀ Huffpost article. She presents the “unfortunately reality,” that women are raised differently than men and so when they enter the industry and are “verbally hit,” they aren’t always prepared. The success of their career is a reflection of how they react, those that brush it off and keep their heads high end up having the most successful careers. Since many women chose to retreat from the tech industry (perhaps for this very reason), the women that stay often feel alone. Rebecca also presents the “fortunate reality,” that women in tech aren’t alone, and if you stick it out long enough you’ll find yourself surrounded by passionate, confident women and will have multiple opportunities thrown your way. Rebekah encourages women to build, learn, and publish; she explains that you must start with the building blocks and that eventually, your hard work will pay off. She points out that “the barriers to entry are pretty low and inexpensive” and that being a women is a competitive advantage – so shoot for the stars!

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