Untapp the Talent

This picture is a part of a larger infographic from the Socialcast Blog titled “Hail To The Female: Untapped Tech Talent,” which I found on Women 2.0.

It highlights the following statistics:

-Women hold more than half of all professional occupations in the U.S., but make up just 24 percent of the high-tech workforce

-For every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will achieve the same

-Despite making up the bulk of the workforce, women are still occupying proportionally fewer positions in technology-based professions 

  • Electrical & electronics engineering: 7.7% of women compared to 92.3% of men
  • Computer hardware engineers: 19.4% of women compared to 80.6% of men
  • Engineering managers: 6.3% of women compared to 93.7% of men
  • Computer & information systems: 27.2% of women compared to 72.8% of men

-The National Center for Education Statistics has tracked the number of BS degrees awarded in CS, the discipline that prepares students for the information tech sector. Even though it shows some growth, their data shows that women are still underrepresented when compared to men

-TechCrunch analyzed the backgrounds of 652 startup founders in the tech industry and found that male and female tech startup founders go through many of the same obstacles and share many of the same motivations

-According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, women own 40% of private business in the U.S.; however, they create only 8 percent of the venture-backed tech start ups, and receive less than 10 percent of venture capitalist funding¬†

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